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a low-down dirty bitch who shouldn't be trusted.
That girl is such a Destiny.
by berrylace November 30, 2010
59 192
a good kisser, fun to bang, and an all and out slut.. but in a good way, also sucks alot of dick.
guy 1- dude wanna get lade tonight?
guy 2- suree lets just call destiny.
by qwerty11122 September 28, 2009
78 214
a girls name, usually a slut, likes to suck guys dicks, some what pretty, but kind of looks like an alien giraffe chicken. thinks shes top shit, but shes really not. doesnt have that many close friends, but tries to be friends with everyone. she will definately back stab you at some point in your life.
Girl 1 * crying in the bathroom *
Girl 2 : OMG what happend?!
Girl 1 : Destiny had sex with my boyfriend last night ..
by 2paaaac May 03, 2010
57 213
a female name, usually used by hookers and strippers.
hey, go ask that hooker destiny how much she costs.
by lulz_its_leah August 11, 2008
108 264
A fat girl with a big butt and a closed mind who only talks to maybe two people within her current surroundings.
"Why is she being such a Destiny? I hate that. Somebody outta do something."
by picklesandcheese June 04, 2006
55 214
destiny is a sinfull women who loves to be a woodland creature..
ooh spots ur such a cougarim on top again lmao..
by destiny June 19, 2004
97 261