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Destiny is most definitely the hottest girl you will ever meet. Most likely born on the 13th because that is obviously the most amazing birthday. If you know a Destiny you are obviously the luckiest bitch in the entire world, because this sexy girl is all that you could ever ask for or dream of. If you know a Destiny, make sure she knows that you will always be there for her, because having her as a friend makes your life better by the minute. Somehow she manages to make you miss her more and love her more every second of every day. Hold on to her tight because she is worth it <3
See that girl over there? I love her. That's my Destiny
by MSwagLovesYou November 10, 2013
A destiny is the best thing that'll ever come into your life. A Destiny is described as beautiful, couragous, brave, nice, sweet, loving, caring, and funny. Never judgemental. They hide emotions with sarcasim. They often tend to have a hard life so when you meet one, treat them like a princess... They love it. Another one of the traits that a Destiny will have is that they will have the most biggest brown eyes you will ever witness in your life. They tend to have a very sweet voice too. Don't judge one by the looks. Great style most will have, but they do not act like they are better than everyone else. Matter of fact, they give everyone the benifit of the doubt. If you ever get close to a Destiny, make the relationship between you two mysterious. They'll say they hate it, but deep down they absolutely love it. If you ever meet one keep one. It'll be worthe it by a long shot...
Destiny's are perfection
by LetsPlayTag&VideoGames March 09, 2014
Bungie's upcoming sci-fi open world FPS game.
Moron: Destiny looks boring doesn't get the hype at all!

Me: Suck it!
by S3cti0n 8 July 22, 2014
Tagger Acronym phrase for

Destroy Every Subway Train In New York
by NaCho CiTy August 21, 2008
A name that is easy and fun to say. A person who you can talk to for years and never get bored of! The most beautiful girl ever, who can put up with your crap even if she doesn't deserve it. A girl who you will love from day one, and never ever stop because there is no way you can picture life without her. She makes you so happy you can't even begin to explain. Someone who makes you wait a full day to get a tbh, but it's probably the best and most sweetest thing you can see. She is the kind of girl who loves unconditionally and has been put through way to much heart break. Destiny is not a girl you should toy with. Because she honestly shouldn't be put through it, she is too nice for you to be a dick to her. She should come before your xbox or ps3 and not after, you can pause your game she is more important. All in all though she is who you love most of all, and even though you cant tell her that enough, or think she understands, she really does. Destiny is the best girl that you will ever meet and if you are lucky enough to date her, you know she isn't just your 'girlfriend' she is your bestfriend and you would do anything to make her laugh.
"Is that who i think it is?"
"No Destiny is the one to the left"
by olivilg-dan July 09, 2014
Destroy Destroying
New York
A taggers duty is to one day achieve the act of D.E.S.T.I.N.Y
by NaCho CiTy August 22, 2008
swaggy yolo
that is so destiny.
by pizzabagels July 10, 2014