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Destroy Every Subway Train In New York
by NaCho CiTy August 21, 2008
swaggy yolo
that is so destiny.
by pizzabagels July 10, 2014
A savage, well minded, athletic, quiet often mischievous, cute indivual. often gets distracted by ones own beauty, others often get distract by ones beauty
Did you see Destiny ?
by lolsucker1234 June 06, 2015
A game that was released on 9th September 2014,and is currently avalible for:
xbox one,Xbox 360,ps3,ps4 and PC.

the game had a alpha,a beta and then the final version.
Guy 1:Hey dude whatcha got?
Guy 2:Oh I just got a video game called Destiny
Guy 1:Oh,Okay cya around!
by etnomed September 10, 2014
A game so retarded it gave me autism
Brother-*plays destiny*
Me-*collapses bc of mental retardation*
by lol wth am I doing with life March 19, 2015
1. The events that will occur in ones future, also known as fate.

2. A black girls name
Guy 1: I can't go to the movies I've got a date with Destiny.

Guy 2: Thats deep man, go and fulfil your dreams!
Guy 1: Nah I was talking about a black chick.
by Apoco Lypto June 11, 2014
Is a cool ass girl that everyone wants to be around. but usally they tend to hump alot of cars !!

Savnnah-why is that car shaking ?

Heather- there is probably a destiny on it

Savannah- that explains it
by chare' April 27, 2008

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