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The most nicest girl ever.
With the prettiest hair in the world.
She loves her friends and of course her nutella.
She's hella cute too (:
"you should totally chill with Destiney.
by destineymb February 20, 2011
A random out going girl who is charming, sweet and funny. She will listen to you even if she doesn't care about what you are saying. A Destiney loves bright colors and gets distracted easily by shiny things. A Destiney is NOT like most girls, and is capable of stealing your heart before you even know it. She is like a siren except she doesn't eat you.
That's not a girl, its better..its a Destiney.
by Dr. real February 20, 2011
a chick who tries to like everybody she comes across:) shez super random and sometime odd.
shes so nice she so destiney
by fdfsdgfgggg. March 24, 2009
one lovable and breath taking girl. strong minded & a wonderful cook. hellacious spawn of Corinne.
You will be forever loved my Destiney.
by rinn0369 August 11, 2008