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A Sexy girl sweet, nice. Never see's just one side of an arugement. One of a kind. Usually silly, or acting funny. independent
Hey, my names destanie.
by blahd3eblahblah March 06, 2009
Something to be achieved
Destanie: a woman looked up to or wanted by many
a woman who does not give herself away for free
by LilDeeTown2011 March 20, 2009
The most sweetest girl you'll ever meet. Shes weird, funny & just amazing. She has beautiful eyes & a smile that could light up the whole room. If you have destanie as a girlfriend hold on to her, trust me you wont regret it.
Boy1: Your girlfriend is beautiful.

Boy2: Yeah her name is destanie & Im thankful to have her.
by Sammykinss August 07, 2012