a typing error or mistake due to the intoxication of smoking to much marijuana
Dude , I went to Fredom fest and got so baked that I posted a face book status with a dest in it.
by electromagneticgroove May 02, 2010
Top Definition
origin- Overdoz.
she wants to get dested tonight

Dest your soul

what's your destability?

by Tommy Davidsun July 13, 2011
A homosexual redneck with the same amount of teeth as the length of his penis (3). He is also known to be the founder of meatspin.
Guy 1: "I heard that dest guy has a really tiny penis and dates saber six."
by hiwaytohell6 March 12, 2009
a complete cunt from scotland, used as a slang term.
those dest kids should die in a fire.
by C_obra April 01, 2007
An Extremely Skilled Person of Extreme Skill.
Someone who has mastered every area of life.
This word is taken from an elite internet user // elite Gamer who went by the Name of Dest_. He had mastered FPS, RTS, MMORPG and also Porn.
man1: omfg!! your So Dest!!
dest_: Ya obv.. im so Dest that Dest himself calls me Dest.
by Dest_ March 22, 2007
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