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The opposite of Definition 1. Deron is the smoothest non homosexual guy on the planet. To be Deron is to be smooth.
You see how he left the club with 7 bitches. That guy pulled a Deron move tonight.
by Jerrod Kennedy December 08, 2008
Deron is a term used in many contexts and can have a significantly different meaning depending on the situation.

In general it's used to signify someone who does something extreme. Or exaggerates their behavior in an easily noticeable way.
I can't believe Mike! He was smoking trees watching Brokeback Mountain earlier, then took a shot and was stumbling all over the place...

But when he went to the club he STILL left with 7 bitches!

What a DERON!
by Marc Franco October 12, 2009
A guy who acts drunk when he is not. (Like a girl)
Look Mike is pulling a Deron. He is stumbling all over but he only had 1 shot.
by Steven Vandenburg February 11, 2007
A homosexual sexaholic that enjoys the scent of the marijuana.
Look at that Deron smoking the trees watching Brokeback Mountain.
by Jackie. September 26, 2006
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