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The act of waiting for your girlfriend to go to the bathroom so that you can fart, but in attempting to do so you shit yourself, yell at your girlfriend to get out of the bathroom and then throw your shitty underpants out of her window and take a shower (even if you just took one).
"I sharted this morning and had to throw out my favorite silk boxers."
by Antoine December 14, 2004
"Chapped" is what happenes to your lips on a cold day. When your lips get dry and brittle, they are chapped.
Man lick your lips theyre mad chapped.
by Antoine January 05, 2005
"Gae-Boe" is the white mucus that appears in the corner of peoples mouths when they talk to much.
Damn, man. That dudes has mad Gae-Boe in the crack of his mouth.
by Antoine January 05, 2005
More polished way to refer to your second shit of the day. As the shits increase, the phrase follows in suit...trois defy, quad defy, cinq defy, etc...
Heavens, if i continue eating this Kashi I'll have a deuce defy.
by Antoine December 13, 2004
Only the 1337est piece of software on the webernet. Simplifies web searching by like 40 to 70 times.
Fuck you, you're nothing till you've been to gobox.net.
by Antoine September 16, 2004
When a young lady gives a line-up of men rapid blowjobs by running her mouth along the penis heads as if they were a harmonica.
"Dang, that ho gave us a harmonica last night..."
by Antoine December 14, 2004

Virginia slang
Man, I'm not trying to sleep with her without a condom. I'll just hit her off for the derby and then split.
by Antoine December 13, 2004

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