Flatulence occurring underneath covers such that it affects all others underneath those same covers, either by smell or vibration through the mattress.
Just before I got into bed last night, Ken let out two depth charges. I had to use the covers to separate the airspace between us because the smell was so bad.
by Lisa Roko March 14, 2006
Is the act of filling a bath tub with cold water, submerging ones body, and deficating The reason for this is b/c of fear after eating something spicy and having the cold water chill ones sphincter
Joel ate so much wassabi, he had to go back to his place to take a depth charge
by JECK32 February 28, 2011
Advanced water filtration system (BONG)
made by cutting the bottom off a 3 liter soda bottle and putting a bowl in the screw cap. Used by sinking the bottle with out the cap, up to the neck in a deep, sink, tub or bucket. Then screw on cap with loaded bowl and slowly pull up filling 3 litre with smoke, unscrew cap and place mouth over top and push back down in to the water...Few people can take a full 3 liters of smoke into their lungs at once!
DUDE! That fourth depth charge sank my battle ship! Raise the white flag!
by blt November 21, 2003
v: to depth-charge

A sexual act in which the male ties a grenade to his erect penis, and penetrating the vagina. While this may inhibit the man from any further sexual act in the future, if survived he will have successfully risen to a new plateau of sexual triumph.
Jeffrey: Pauline, you want to have sex tonight?
Pauline: No, why?
Jeffrey: Bitch, don't take that tone with me! Now you'll be getting a depth-charge!
Pauline: NOOOO!
Jeffrey: *ties grenade* YES!

by Aaron Johanson December 17, 2007
A double shot of Bacardi 151.
We wanted to get shit-faced fast, so we drank a few depth charges.
by pdeucer April 27, 2006
When your penetration of the snatch enters uncharted territories of the channel
{Deep Thrust} Girl: "AHhhhiiiieee" Bro: "Bet you like that depth charge bitch!"
by BoysInDaHatch December 10, 2010
a three chamber bong created by myself. it comprises of three home made bongs strung together and placed inside one-another .
Dude that Depth Charge got my so high. I can believe you built that shit
by poop405 September 19, 2008

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