The state of mind once programmed thinking has been obliterated and all that's left is critical thinking and a mind free of radicals that destroy the progression of a people.
I am so glad I'm deprogrammed; my purpose is finally in clear view.
I didn't know that the classical music came from Africa; damn I need to be deprogrammed!
by minaism September 18, 2014
Deprogrammed is the project of Otto Cate - an artist, performer, producer, songwriter, programmer, and remixer who began in the electronic scene in the late 80's. Otto, who studied under Colorado Symphony percussionist Ted Small, has been spearheading independent projects in the Electronic, Industrial and Metal genres throughout his career. Since his initial audio experiments in a small basement studio, his vision has grown progressively stronger and more complex.
by Deprogrammed March 14, 2009

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