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A person who constantly feels blue and really low because of a 'certain' situation (read: an asshole of a lover, political issues, a bad break-up) that made them feel that way. These people are known to constantly weep, think a lot, feel miserable all the time and cry themselves to sleep. Their misery is infectious.
I tried giving Sue some advice but it was like one depresso telling another depresso to snap out of it.
by Krypton02 January 28, 2011
A distinctive emotional atmosphere generally experienced
1) on Sunday afternoons due to lack of sunlight and a possible hangover.
2) when reading sad and uninspiring literature.
"Today has kind of a depresso vibe to it, but I think tomorrow will be better."

"Books by Philip K. Dick = depresso."
by Leah Z February 05, 2008
The feeling one gets when he or she has run out of coffee and/or has no means of acquiring a caffeine fix.
A severe case of depresso has George borrowing money at the office to buy coffee at lunch.
by ElDumasto June 05, 2013
a person who is depressed, probably listens to emo music and doesn't give a shit what you think.
Geez... Jane is such a depresso.
by Michelle December 20, 2003
How a person feels when they have no coffee or have not had coffee for a long time. Derived from 'depressed' and 'espresso'.
Girl: I ran out of coffee last night :( I'm feeling so depresso.
by bethandshowergel May 25, 2014
A depresso is a japanese coffedrink.
it is sold in most vendingmachines and it tastes like cold expresso.
-I'm thirsty *whine*
-lol, let's get an expresso!
-dude, were emo...
-oh... how about an depresso than?
by Imbafjärt September 12, 2007
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