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Deonte, The cutest, most AMAZING person that everyone likes. outgoing person. loves reggie bush.. wants to marry. rsm. :D
dude man, your dating deonte? hes awesome
by beans477 December 29, 2010
A funny, lovable, caring individual; Who loves to laugh and crack jokes;
Usually plays football and has a tight circle;Hes cute and many girls like him
Is best friends with a Christina because they are socially compatible and are different in many ways.

Opposites Attract!
You see that boy over there?
Who, Deonte?
Yea, he's so cute i think i like him!!!
by heydude777 October 12, 2013
Loves spiderman and chris brown.
but isn't homo,
and goes out with Ashley.
always dancing and eating.
best friends with Kahner.
Man he just pulled a Deonte.
by xaxmxrx August 21, 2008

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