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The act of vomiting while eating out a particularly dirty vagina, then continuing until completion.
A;'Dude, I met up with this chick on a camping trip, I ate her pussy on like her fourth day of hiking and not showering!'

B;'That's fucking nasty, did she smell?'

A;'Fuck yeah, I ended up giving her a Denver Omelette!'
by pFinneganr April 08, 2009
97 27
A sex act that also satiates hunger, this is achieved when one partner stuffs one or more store bought eggs into the vagina or butt of the other partner. The couple then proceeds to have sex in a hot tub. Once the eggs are fully beaten and cooked from the hot tub sex, the couple does a sixty-nine.
I wanted salsa with my Denver Omelette so I jizzed while we were having sex in the hot tub.
by bexla March 17, 2010
18 45
To dunk your nutsack in a chicks mouth and then slap her accross the face.
Origin: Denver, 2005
I was just going to Teabag that bitch but I got carried away and made her a Denver Omelette!
by DC2DAOC September 02, 2005
24 88
Named for the city in which I recieved this wonderful gift, the "Denver Omelette" is when a man kneels above a woman's face as she sucks on his scrotum whilst another young lady simultaneously deep throats his engorged member.
The next time you're in Colorado be sure to look up Laura & Julie. They'll whip you up a MEAN Denver Omelette!
by djrock247 November 08, 2007
5 72