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To fuck beyond repair.
"Yo, you see that chick over there?"
"Oh my god, i would demolish"
by RWutang October 11, 2009
To eat a large amount of food , very fast.
I bought a kebab and just fuckin demolished it.
by Bear January 23, 2003
1.To destroy something, usually in a short amount of time
2. To beat the shit out of someone
1. I destory cities when I get pissed off. PEEHEEHEE!
2. My alter-ego stole my body and forced my to demolish that carnie.
by Krazy K October 20, 2003
to beat someone in a game of dissing
"Eww your face is ugly."
"Girl, don't come at me like that. I will DEMOLISH you."
by Morgan Leigh February 22, 2008
1. Reduce to rubble. (Used when referring to nonanimate and nonedible things.)
2. Beat up. (Used when referring to people, and sometimes animals.)
3. Eat all of a portion (generally large). (Used when referring to food.)
1. "Yeah, I heard they demolished the old schoolhouse."
2. "Man, you really demolished him! He's not getting released from the hospital until next year!"
3. "Wow, you just demolished those tacos. Want me to make you some more?"
by MacDancer April 15, 2004
Demolish Fanzine (or magazine) was an 80's underground Hard Rock/Heavy Metal publication. The 'zine featured extensive demo reviews (hence the "Demo-lish" namesake), concert reviews, interviews with worldwide Metal bands.
Demolish was an 80's Metal fanzine from the Midwest.
by Kinger Dinger July 26, 2010
look up destroy snd umm do somtin else like get a life u nerd ur girl friend problay wonderin where u are
must destroy school or duck man or town or a building or ummm that kat
by amado February 13, 2005
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