A wonderland/safehouse for frustrated Democrats needing to vent and surround themselves in similar company. Also a decent place to find thorough, if slanted, coverage of all the wacky goings-on in the world of neo-conservatism. Democratic Underground is significant in that it was one of the first organizations to really dig in and unearth the details regarding the Jeff Gannon controversy. Must-reads on Democratic Underground include the hilariously scathing Top 10 Conservative Idiots, Equal Time With Bob Boudelang, and The Crisis Papers. Their Hate Mail section is also of note because complete decay of your faith in humanity can be fun.
"Fuck you. You are all a bunch of anti-american cock-smokers. Stop spreading your bullshit anti-bush anti-republican propaganda. I can't believe you fucking assholes have nothing better to do that bash one of the greatest presidents in this nations history and try to raise up on your pathetic faggot ass shoulders this fucking pussy Kerry who fucking runs and cries when a splinter gets in his finger so he can get a fucking purple heart. What will happen if this piece of shit is put in charge of our country? He will turn this nation over to UN control, ask them what we should do (the UN hates American by the way fuck-tards) let them delegate how we should run our lives, he will severely weaken our policies on how we deal with terrorists, handing that over to the UN too, Bush has balls, he takes care of his own. FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU. I am hoping you write some aging hippie bullshit back for me to read and have a good laugh over. So remember... FUCK YOU!

DU RESPONDS: Steady on Dick. This isn't the floor of the Senate you know."

-Typical exchange in the Hate Mailbag section
by Squid Wrangler May 14, 2005

1. A site where Progressives and Liberals can discuss, and often disagree, on the state of this country.

2. A site where thinking people can conjugate and be free of the incessant RW claptrap that passes as "thought"

3. A site where Progressives and Liberals find solace in a Sea of Hatred tossed by RW fanatics.
I went to Democratic Underground, to be a part of a Thinking world that is looking forward to no longer being "Underground", but Free to discuss the problems the RW has vented upon the world, without being slandered.
by rasputin1952 January 13, 2005
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