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a crate of explosives
did you make sure to wire the democrate?
by Q August 07, 2003
One of two possible containers which uneducated people assume everyone must be lumped into.
You aren't in the republiCan with me, so you must belong in the demoCrate.
#republican #democrat #politician #political party #stereotyping
by stickybombs July 11, 2006
It's spelled Democrat you fucking idiot.
You shit for brains Republican.
by hoochiecoochies June 30, 2005
To quote the definition for the singular, democrate: "It's Spelled Democrat, you fucking idiot."
"teh democrates r so stoopid. they think suddam hoosane was gude man. he no was gude man. why they no like war? war fun! war have big guns and tanks that shute ayrabs. ayrabs shude dy . like democrates. why no presudent george w. boosh make them go bang yet? democrates shude all be shuted."
#democrat #democrats #politics #dumbass #fucking idiot
by manofsand January 21, 2007
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