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A female with a significant amount of masculine features. A she-dude. Shude.
Have you seen the size of his girlfriend's hands? What a shude!
by ShudeFree September 20, 2009
exclamation of discontent, disappointment or dissatisfaction. a shortered version of the longer term shudehill derived from the manchester bus station of this name.
shude, i've lost my wallet!
by ktbellers August 15, 2008
A shitty dude, usually a male individual who enjoys Ed Hardy, popped collars, and all male bath houses.
Mike Anderson is a shude.
by Clint Eastwood. September 19, 2009
A masculine lesbian; She-dude
Glory Johnson and Brittney Griner of the WNBA are some ugly shudes to fight over annulment of their marriage.
by Donnie Doppelganger August 08, 2015
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