Top Definition
1. to engage in masturbation.
2. to stimulate or manipulate one's own genitals, esp. to orgasm; sexual self-gratification.

inf. to demko
v. demkos, demkoing, demkoed
n. demkoer
Bob caught Mike demkoing, and Mike was very embarassed.
#masturbate #jack off #beat off #choke the chicken #rub one out
by Cis Dog November 02, 2006
A person of a group of drug addicts synonymous with trucking, partying, womanizing, thievery, car theft, racing, music, crack cocaine and hookers... They're noted on their witty quick senses.
Don't fuck with those Demko's, they'll slice a brotha's throat if they have to.
#party #bad influence #terrible #jesus #god #demo
by Vo0do0 Jesus May 15, 2007
A lousy boss who wears tight pants and drives a jeep. He constantly plays UPSwith women.
Working for Demko is like going to Neverland, if you are 8 years old.
by Jeff January 05, 2004
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