One of the largest national fraternities. It was founded at Cornell University, originally as a law fraternity. Delta Chi's are known as the alpha males at most universities. These guys are total bros
- What frat are you rushing?
- DCHI ofcourse, maybe SigChi
- Delta Chi won't give you a bid, you look like a GDI
by BrOhio February 09, 2013
Top Definition
The sickest fraternity on Appalachian State Universities campus with the sickest pledge class ever (Gamma Epsilon). No one parties, studies, or pleases the women better than the Delta Chi fraternity and when it comes to being number one everyone already knows Delta Chi takes the title.
The Delta Chi chapter at Appalachian State University, Gamma Epsilon
by Gamma Epsilon November 18, 2009
The coolest and best fraternity at Penn State
Dave: Yo you going to the delta chi daylong today?
Pasquale: I wish!
by pasqualeee April 13, 2011
Delta Chi is a fraternity that is notoriously known for being the biggest tools on campus. Although they have the best parties on greek row they cant help but to be the biggest bros.
Did you go to that Delta Chi party last night? Yeah it was sweet but to many creepers...
by RebeccaTheta August 30, 2010
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