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Infamous Italian man, known for his generosity and savvy with women. Born in 1974 descending from a long line of Casanova-esque lovers and patriarchs.
That dude is such a pasquale! He is the man!
by pseudus March 31, 2009
Using a extremely erotic position in sexual relations. Normally quite pleasing to both the man and women.
Holy shit dude, I totally went pasquale last night.

by January 30, 2009
An attractive, masculine Italian (most likely Sicilian) guy who enjoys good company, fun times and women who find pleasure with saliva in bed.
It was almost like being with a llama, but it was just Pasquale.
by mink102 August 07, 2011
1. The best guy in the world, he loves to travel and has so many girlfriends at the same time. All the girls love him.
2. Pasquale is an attractive Italian guy.
Wow, pasquale is the best.
by theguyluis May 16, 2011
Coolest name for an Italian male, even if your american friends call you Patsy
"Wow, Pasquale has a really cool name , but It's too long so i'm just going to call him Patsy "
by ur mudda February 11, 2014
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