One of the most fucking badass classic death metal bands ever, their first 3 albums are fucking masterpieces. Something even Christians/Bible bashers deserve to hear at least once.
Yeah, I'm christian and I listen to Deicide, got a problem with that?
by deicidefan666 July 29, 2011
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1.To Kill A Deity.
2.The Fucking Most Evil Band Ever (Sorry manson kids, manson is a fucking fag)
1.By Killing Christ, the romans comitted Deicide

2.I went to the Deicide concert in Corona CA
by George M. (858) June 23, 2003
A pretty decent band
Deicide's pretty fucking good.
by Gabe July 14, 2003
The killing of God or of a god, used more often metaphorically than literally.
The Christian church commits grave acts of deicide.
by Omniverse March 28, 2003
1-The act of killing a Deity ("God")

2-A moderately good Death Metal band, fronted by sir Benton of Glenn
1-Alan Swieszewski:"I wish someone would be a deicide"

You idiot!
I believe you had meant to say:
I wish someone would commit the act of Deicide against **insert "Gods" name here**.

2-Deicide fucking ruled when they played with Sabbat and Akercocke in Nottingham!
by Valoch.D.M November 04, 2004
1) The act of killing a God, or deity as the name states. A mixture of deity (god) and homicide (the killing of man (and woman)).

2) The most brutal band alive, Glen Benton is a fucking satanic GENIUS!!!
1) If you were to kill a God, you would have commited Deicide.

2) Listen to "Scars of the Crucifix" and you will find out!
by Metal Insanity March 09, 2007
1. A classic Death Metal band known for Satanistic philosophies.

With a new lineup (Jack Owen of Cannibal Corpse and Ralph Santolla of Death/Celtic Frost on guitars) they are now a much more composed, neoclassically-influenced band, retaining the dark fast pounding rhythmic sound they are known for. - Glen Benton has also improved his vocal capabilities.

They are also no longer the least responsible band when it comes to making tour dates.

2. To kill a God. Usually referring to the killing of Jesus of Nazareth (Christ).
"Deicide is better than ever!"

"The Romans committed an act of deicide."
by Death to Jesus October 17, 2006
1. v. To kill a deity or god, using prefix dei (meaning god) and suffix cide (meaning kill)

2. n. A popular death metal band that was adored by many, but also disliked by many, as well.

3. n. An MMORPG (Massive Multi-player Online Role-Playing Game) that contains elements from many other popular MMORPG's, but is a game all of it's own, although not known of by many people. Characters choose which path (out of four) to take in their careers, which is determined by how the character fights monsters. The four paths (Close-range, Long-Range, Black Magic, and White Magic) all contain their own unique skills that players learn while working to determind their class, which is created depending on which skills players use the most.
1. It is impossible for a human to commit deicide, as gods are immortal.

2. We went to a concert and saw Deicide

3. I stayed up all night playing Deicide, and I was able to raise my White Magic skills to level 15, as well as my Long-Range skills to 11.
by Skopz June 25, 2007

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