1. v. To kill a deity or god, using prefix dei (meaning god) and suffix cide (meaning kill)

2. n. A popular death metal band that was adored by many, but also disliked by many, as well.

3. n. An MMORPG (Massive Multi-player Online Role-Playing Game) that contains elements from many other popular MMORPG's, but is a game all of it's own, although not known of by many people. Characters choose which path (out of four) to take in their careers, which is determined by how the character fights monsters. The four paths (Close-range, Long-Range, Black Magic, and White Magic) all contain their own unique skills that players learn while working to determind their class, which is created depending on which skills players use the most.
1. It is impossible for a human to commit deicide, as gods are immortal.

2. We went to a concert and saw Deicide

3. I stayed up all night playing Deicide, and I was able to raise my White Magic skills to level 15, as well as my Long-Range skills to 11.
by Skopz June 25, 2007
A fucking amazing death metal band!
While listening to Deicide's song, Fuck Your God, I couldn't help but orgasm with excitement.
by uh-maze-ing March 22, 2010
Deicide is a word used to describe how good something is. Commonly used in groups of metal-heads.

Originated from the YouTube video "Metalhead vs. The Emo Kid".
"That was fucking Deicide."
by Kieran Helmore February 14, 2008
1: To destroy a God or diety

2: To destroy me
1: When the Pope and the Antipope meet

2: (That's impossible, by the way)
by The Ugly One April 24, 2004
1.A killer of god.
2.Killing God
3.A Death Metal Band Imfamous for there
fans burning down churchs in the early 90s.
I wish someone would be a deicide.
by Alan Swieszewski February 10, 2004
One of the worst bands to ever come into existence. Their song subjects range from hating Christianity to hating Christianity. Which is suiting, since every song sounds exactly the same as the last.
Glen Benton is dumb. He's in Deicide.
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