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1-The act of killing a Deity ("God")

2-A moderately good Death Metal band, fronted by sir Benton of Glenn
1-Alan Swieszewski:"I wish someone would be a deicide"

You idiot!
I believe you had meant to say:
I wish someone would commit the act of Deicide against **insert "Gods" name here**.

2-Deicide fucking ruled when they played with Sabbat and Akercocke in Nottingham!
by Valoch.D.M November 04, 2004
Anton Lavey was the founder, not of the "first Church of Satan", but of the only Church of Satan, after this organisation was formed many people tried to emulate what he had done with such things as the "church of lucifer", If anyone is actually looking into Satanism the only website needed is www.churchofsatan.com

Hail Anton Lavey!
Hail Satan!
"There is a beast in man that needs to be excersised, not exorcised."
by Valoch.D.M November 03, 2004
If somebody decides to vomit on my jeans or shirt (shoes I am not too worried about) Then a short sharp smack in their face will ensue!
*bleuurrghh* *splatter* *dribble* *frown* *tense* *smack!* "ow, that hurt you fucking cunt!" *smack* "ok, I'll shut up!"
by Valoch.D.M November 09, 2004
1-Lead vocalist of Infernal Sacrament (Norfolk based death/black metal band).

2-Slut (Whore)
1-Did you see Infernal Sacrament last night? Fuck, isn't the lead singer (Valoch.D.M) hot!

2-Did you see that slut (Valoch.D.M) last night? Yeah, but even though he's a slut, he's fucking gorgeous!
by Valoch.D.M November 05, 2004
The bird that is really fit, but is a total slag in the college of westanglia.
Hi my name is christina.
*christina leaves*
oh, what a fucking sexy crackwhore.
Yeah man, I'd give her one!
by Valoch.D.M October 21, 2004
Quite simply, a cat that has been placed (or forced) into a box!
Hahaha, I put my cat in a box!

Shut up you idiot!
by Valoch.D.M October 20, 2004
Twat with a stupid fucking hat
Chris Richmond is a twat with a stupid fucking hat
by Valoch.D.M October 20, 2004

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