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The standard third stage of a publicity generating media cycle.
The first stage is PREHAB (see Olsen twins)whereby complete ignorance of the subject of sex, drugs, and rock n'roll is claimed so as to maintain a fan base/revenue stream. This is concurrent with actual abuse of the aforementioned vices.
Stage two is, of course, actual REHAB. This is also concurrent with actual abuse of said vices. Functions to obtain sympathy from mass audience and to increase overall revenue stream.
Lastly, DEHAB is executed whereby continued abuse of vices is admitted openly, setting the stage for a return to step one by way of finding religion,etc. This cycle continues until premature death due to "inconclusive results".
Los Angeles. Yeah...that's right. ALL of L.A. It's mandatory.
by Fecesboy August 01, 2004
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