One of the best shows around. it is a spin-off of the 80's version. The one today has characters such as "spike", emma's mom, "snake", mr.simpson, joey, craig's stepdad person, and catelin, joey's love. they were on the original degrassi. Degrassi deals with , teen pregnancy, rape, homosexuality, abuse (self, parental, and relationship), bad break ups, stealing, "the breakfast club", STD's, eating disorders, and everything you can imagine.
did you know manny got pregnet with craig... but it was not shown in America because we are big pussies.
by your mother July 27, 2005
An AMAZING show that is incredibly addicting. There are complex plot lines and very developed characters. It originally started in the eighties, but continues now with the next generation.
Degrassi... It goes there.
by Mooth October 15, 2005
A show that is 100% intense, the reason being that it goes there.
Teen Girl A: Oh my God, did you hear that Mani had an abortion?
Teen Girl B: Oh my God, that is so intense. I can't believe Degrassi went there!
by NickiG1183 October 13, 2005
the best show ever made that deals with real life scenarios...
Did you guys see the new degrassi?
by tina babe March 28, 2005
Degrassi has been the best and most addictive show since the 80s. Many people see Degrassi as something they can relate to. There are a variety of characters, situations, problems, issues, opinions, and important topics addressed in the show. The best part is that Degrassi has the hottest CANADIAN actors! ;) (Daniel Clark, Aubrey Graham, Jake Epstein... ADAMO RUGGIERO <3 !) Oh man! I NEVER want Degrassi to end! I will be SO sad when it does. *tear tear*
Degrassi, It Goes There.
by runchi December 07, 2006
A Canadian show about teenagers. One of the best shows on television.
Marco (Adamo Ruggiero) of Degrassi is the most beautiful boy to ever have existed.
by Hello Sunshine <3 October 02, 2005
originally a canadian tv show, now a term used to describe anything with excessive teen angst
wow...sounds like degrassi with vampires
by jahames November 29, 2004

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