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A city that is NOT a suburb of Los Angeles, has a mixed population of socioeconomics (Northwest pasadena=ghetto), where the rose bowl is, where I unfortunately live, where the amount of homos are increasing due to the "trendiness", and where the schools suck.
Aww, I don't want to go to private school, I wanna fucking go to PHS, damnit!!!!
by poopNscoop August 01, 2004
A strangely addicting TV show that features a show with every possible problem a school could possibly have along with terrible actors.
From Canada.
Majority of viewers are girls between 10-18. Too bad I fall right in the middle.
Degrassi is poorly directed, poorly acted, and the content is crap...but I can't stop watching it.
by poopNscoop March 06, 2005

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