A racist term for Italians who have fat necks and asses.
Hey James look, its a dego. Oh, its just a hippo with a fat neck and ass.
by I like Coronas :D April 17, 2004
Dego (Day-go) is a term used to refer to people pf italian descent, because when italians immigrated to the united states and worked under the irish they wanted to get paid as the "day goes" by intstead of at the end of the week, so you get dego.
"you dirty dego italian"
by Lenny Liese March 19, 2007
Zac Horvath; derogatory epithet for a want to be italian; lacks certain male genitals; soon to have his ass handed to him
Zac Horvath enjoys the marinara sauce on male testicles
by St.Francis March 15, 2005
The wrong word that doesn't exist to make fun of Italians.

Look it up on www.dictionary.com
Dago is there, not dego.
Look, I'm a dumbass that can't spell dego right! It's Dago!
by Dago Pasta Eater November 08, 2005

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