A person of Italian descent generally accompanied by the basic features:brn hair,brn eyes,tan complexion,almost always over-abundance of body hair.
The degos are far from being a dying breed.
My boyfriend the dego that he is loves his spaghetti no surprise right?
by Iloveitwhenyoucallmebigpoppa August 09, 2004
Person of Italian heritage, accompanied by brown hair, brown eyes, and a hate for the word dego.
Jade and B-Tate must be degos. Look at that hair!

Hey ya dego, shut the **** up!
by Franky Figgs August 22, 2005
A word that points out italian nationality Such as "What up my Dego" Similar to "what up my nigga!"
What up my Dego! Whats goin on me dego!
by Yo mommax10 May 02, 2006
Greasy smelly person of Italian descent, ususally with an over-abundance of body hair.
Damn Brian Frodo you truly are a greasy dego.
by KulDip711 May 08, 2005
Derived from the french word "degueulasse" which means disgusting, "dego" encompasses anything that is cheap and sickening. A dego person is usually ill groomed and trashy. Further, he or she has haneous taste . Dego people are usually poor and dumb although there are exceptions. A dego place is somewhere grimy, dirty and filled with dego peeps.
"Look at that girl with the coach bag"
"Ugh... so dego..." (rolls eyes)
by bozo55 March 06, 2010
Not to be confused with dingleberries, degos are fragments of toilet paper that can become entangled in one's ass hairs after wiping.
James: "Why do they call them degos?"
Bill: "Because wherever you go dego."
by Munkerman March 12, 2008
A slang term for a gram of cannabis, used in southern Ontario.

Also referred to as "deeg."
Hey man, you wanna hook me up with a dego?
by Starg January 29, 2008

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