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Slang for DMT or DiMethylTryptamine
Yo Yo Yo, Look who has a fat rock of motherfucin Deemsters!!
Yea motherfuckers, Im bout to smoking the fuckin deemster right here.
by midi October 24, 2003
Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is a powerful, visual psychedelic which produces short-acting effects when smoked. It is used orally in combination with an MAOI, as in ayahuasca brews. It is naturally produced in the human brain and by many plants
after smokin deemsters and listenin to iggy pop under a waterfall i woke up in the back of a cop car with my dick lookin redder than a lobster
by Nigel Petersen November 01, 2007
a substance that makes you travel through infinity
I was backstage blazing deemsters before I bgocked those kidz.

It is croosh to get stank-faced on deemsters.
by Brownstein October 10, 2005
dimethyltryptamine made from an acid base extraction of mimosa hostilis root bark normally , salted with hydrochloric acid and freebased with sodium hydroxide with a layer of a non polar solvent to pull the freebase then the solvent removed and evaporated and freeze precipitated and filtered through a buchner funnel under vacuum
hey man pack up some deemsters and lets travel to hyperspace to see through the eyes of god...forget who we our and talk about it for the rest of our lives ;)
by dmt dan July 07, 2012
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