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a substance that makes you travel through infinity
I was backstage blazing deemsters before I bgocked those kidz.

It is croosh to get stank-faced on deemsters.
#dmt #crack #rock #chemy #croosh
by Brownstein October 10, 2005
what happens when ninja bass bombs are dropped on people's faces.
My croosh bass bombs b'gocked the shit out of those custies, ya heard? Lets go get stank-faced.

#shwag #custy #newb #stank-faced #rager
by Brownstein October 10, 2005
smoking marajuana excessively from a blunt.
I love rollin up an ounce of the sour deisel and blazing until I am stank-faced.

I got so stank-faced last night that I passed out.
#blazed #high #stoned #lifted #sober
by Brownstein October 10, 2005
adjective. very good, excellent, superior, heady
The Eagles are my least favorite team. It was croosh when they lost in the superbowl.

Some say the grass is greener on the other side, but I say the grass is always croosh where you are.

Did you win the game? No but I did just save a bunch of money on my croosh insurance, and it was croosh.
#awesome #rad #great #superior #shwag #heady
by Brownstein October 10, 2005
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