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1. nickname for DQ or Drama Queen
2. complete psycho bitch who goes beserk when she doesnt get her way
3. attention whore
deek didnt get to be a teachers helper and got all butthurt
by Shiirow April 27, 2008
4 37
Nick name for Derrick
you know deek? watchout, he's a slut!
by vee July 21, 2004
196 131
To point something out in amusing fashion. Originates from the north west of england.
Example 1:

Oh geoff, deeks that fuckin' mare ower theer.
(I say geoff, did your fantastic eyesight permit you to peruse over the visual delight of that nearby female stunner?)

Example 2:

Cumbrian #1: Fancy a ball and biscuit?
Cumbrian #2: Eh?
Cumbrian #1: (While whipping his bollocks out and laughing) DEEKS!
Cumbrian #2: Ahhh you fuckin twat!

Example 3:

Deeks him with the face.
by 9A Slang December 03, 2007
39 24
Possessing a large penis.
Man, he's well hung! Must be a deeks.
by William Armstrong August 07, 2003
38 30
look,a sneaky peek
''lets 'ave a deek''
by da NTP August 16, 2003
147 146
to have a look
deek at the arse on that wumin
by roy September 11, 2003
50 65
Someone who is both a dork and a geek, thus making them a "deek"
Nah man, you're a total deek. Go away.
by Miss.Buttlock. March 18, 2011
18 36
means "don't know". comes from the internet abbreviation, "dk"
what are you doing this weekend?
by SG is a pimp December 15, 2005
15 34