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Deej refers to that horrific "friend zone", in which one is completed neglected as a possible hook-up opportunity or dating possibility.
Jessica, he's treating you like a total deej. He just acted like you're one of the bro's...
by Luke Moran December 13, 2006
-the nickname for DJ Tanner on Full House

-something to call your friends
Bob: "Hey Deej! Let's go to the movies tonight"
Joe: "What the hell is Deej?!"
Bob: "Obvi! DJ Tanner from Full House!..I love her"
Joe: "You're stupid."
by C.Hizzle April 09, 2005
A Spastic, Usually One Who Cant Walk
its deeeej
your walking is deej like
by kennet school November 19, 2007
The act of smoking marijuana in a public setting under any given circumstance.
"Dude theres a lady right over there, we shouldn't smoke here."
"Dude its alright, we'll just pull a deej."
by lrcw March 12, 2014
Another word for a cigarette.
You wanna go smoke a deej?
by Johnski January 17, 2008
An unfortunate event, one that usually involves losing money. But it can be used in other contexts.
I deej'd about $75 in that hand of poker.

by griz1234 April 10, 2007
Another word for dipping tobacco.
Hey man you wanna deej?

I am the deej king!
by Yukhui January 10, 2009