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deeg.- shiiiiit. its an expressiosn that would be said when amazed or annoyed with something.
Deeeeg Jo that was raw as fuck.

Deeg jo shut the fuck up!
by Jonah I August 23, 2006
80 76
Deeg is a ebonic term used to describe a feeling of extreme excitement, or joy.
Deeg, your kicks be mad fresh, yo. Dem biddies all up on you?
by jsmparty12 October 13, 2010
183 160
A deegs is defined as

1 Gram of weed, or a dimebag which is now 1 gram.
Yo, throw me a deegs.

I've got 10, can i get a deegs.
by chris November 09, 2004
27 10
Dried up fanny (minge)
Man she was Deegs, I had to use LOADS of lube!
by pouty sulker August 27, 2009
29 16
Exclamation of amazement. Similar to "damn" except less vulgar. Can also be used in almost the same context as "shit".
1) "Deeg yo, this kid just embarrassed himself!"

2) "Deeg son, that shot was nice as hell"
by Mickael October 24, 2007
36 32
A phonetic verb expressing understanding or consent. Substitute for "dig" in certain contexts.
You want to leave me? I deeg, I deeg.
by DrDrewO July 09, 2011
24 31
An older, lesser-known term for someone simple-minded, invalid, or even degenerate. Can be used as a substitute for more modern words such as "retard" or "tool". Originating in Canada and the North-Eastern United States, deeg somehow eventually devolved into an ebonics term far from it's original meaning.
Person 1: I can't believe Colby spilled his drink all over that new couch!

Person 2: I know, what a deeg!

Person 1: and what is Brooks doing trying to rock that panama hat??

Person 2: Seriously, this place is crawling with deegs. Let's get out of here.
by duke of tang May 26, 2011
25 33