An older, lesser-known term for someone simple-minded, invalid, or even degenerate. Can be used as a substitute for more modern words such as "retard" or "tool". Originating in Canada and the North-Eastern United States, deeg somehow eventually devolved into an ebonics term far from it's original meaning.
Person 1: I can't believe Colby spilled his drink all over that new couch!

Person 2: I know, what a deeg!

Person 1: and what is Brooks doing trying to rock that panama hat??

Person 2: Seriously, this place is crawling with deegs. Let's get out of here.
by duke of tang May 26, 2011
Founded by the Gojmerac brothers in Welland Ontario Canada. A degenerate. Someone loding or becoming impaired with respect to the qualities proper to the race or kind. a person or thing that reverts to an earlier stage of culture, development, or evolution.
I can't believe Pychel did that

What a deeg!!!
by Michael Teeberry July 23, 2009
A word used in the hood to describe a feeling of over excitement
Deeg, crazy biceyss. Deeg that shawty be killen em
by #31 you know the deal November 05, 2010
thing hangs between a legs
you some kinds a deeg
by cangh jui November 12, 2003

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