A Fat girl with short hair. One that with sleep with anything for money or pills.
Did you see that on the corner, she's a real Deedee
by imkarmashelper January 30, 2015
1.) Totally fucked up whores who mistakenly have kids at 18 or 19 yrs. Dee Dee's tend to get kicked out by their hillbilly ex-boyfriends and are left alone to raise their trashy illegitimate offspring. Some think a Dee Dee is laid back and cool, when in reality they are conniving, insecure, and mentally ill. A true Dee Dee craves lust and will suck out trucker loads to the face from any man. If you are ever traveling along I-80 across the U.S., a Dee Dee might be found in any restroom stall deep throating a greasy midget truck driver for crack cash. That's the reason all Dee Dee's have half vaginas.

2.) Dirty deeds. Bad deeds.
Raymond: Ron, where the hell have you been man!?!?!?!? We should have hit the road sooner!

Ron: -smiles and yawns- I and 9 other truckers had our morning wood logged by a whore in the mens lavatory.

Raymond: Ha ha! Sounds like a real Dee Dee!
by Captain Hot Sauce Penis Munchr February 12, 2014
an extremely nice but gullable person who makes a squealing sound whenever her innocence is damaged or threatened.
The dee dee cried after her friends said, "What the hell?!" to her when she was checking them for pink sock
by Kim and Liz June 16, 2003
One of the two bitches of the dynamic Foutch/Dee-Dee Duo. Dee-Dee is considered the "male" of this all-girl couple.

Dee-Dee can be recognized by her all-black outfits and her immaculately done nails.

Dee-Dee, although one smokin' piece of ass, has a nasty attitude. She cannot seem to get laid by a dude even though she sets her sites REALLY low. Even the fugliest of dudes won't help her out.

She has been known to throw someone to the curb just because he had a bad "O-Face."

Another factor that doesn't help her situation is that she is attached to the hips of her two kids. The oldest is a mutant 10 year-old Amazon girl who is taller than her.

She can also be seen using the patented "Foutchie" move. This includes waving her index finger in the air while pursing her lips and shaking her head. The sound she makes during her move is a sort-of a negative "mm-mm" sound.

Dee-Dee has grown a permanent brow line from using this move much too often.

Dee-Dee is also known as "Meathooks," "Hacksaw" and "Sklut."
Dee Dee made me pissed off when she said she didn't like my "O-Face."
by GMoneyGrill March 04, 2008
one parent's term used to identify the female anatomy commomly known as the vagina.
"Sharah, quit playing with your dee dee, youre going to blow a blood vessle." -"girls, in order to make babies, the man puts his jigger into the womans dee dee and wiggles"
by leslie, sharah and brittney wright September 20, 2007
Another word for vagina.
Wash your buns and your deedee.
by DDJ70 March 14, 2010
someone who is as worthless as an anal bead without a string.
You're becoming a filthy deedee
by jptots March 03, 2010

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