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To think intently while on the can.
Hybridization of deduce (to reach a conclusion by reasoning) and deuce (to shit)
Lars: MaryAnne, get your cottage cheese thighs and those snot-nosed kids of yours into the god-damned truck; we're going to sack the Capitol.
MaryAnne: You musta done some serious thinking in the outhouse, you come up with the most retarded shit when you dedeuce.
by IanK August 24, 2007
The act of removing the odor of a recently dropped deuce.
Dude 1: Man, I was over at Jenny's the other day and just destroyed her bathroom only to find she had nothing to dedeuce the place with.

Dude 2: That's why I always carry matches.
by filange December 12, 2011
1.The lowest card in a standard 52 card deck. 2. A 1932 Ford Coupe
I drew three cards and picked up dedeuce.
by Deathknightdelta August 27, 2003