a petite bi-racial female, who usually lives on the east coast of the US. NEVER sexy; classy, beautiful; a charmer. Fun and outgoing, very prudey, practical.

Her friends are great, but often bitch, and secretly, she has crushes on the nerdy kids even though she is INCREDIBLY POPULAR!!!
ex.1-eddie:"damnnn do u see dede...that girl is SEXY!!"
stepfon:"dede is too classy...don't call her sexy; she's beautiful."

ex.2-dede:"gilbert looks really cute today"
kenzie:"gilberts sucha geek....why are u talking about him?!?"
dede:"ughhh, i don't know, lets just change the subject." thinking to herself...I LOVE GILBERT!!
by fjska April 18, 2008
Top Definition
A wonderful smart beautiful women who has the best luck ever. She has a wealth of men who follow her every step. Women only dream of being her.
"OMG look at that women she is such a Dede."
by Kattmann February 11, 2010
one badass person, who loves to party, 100% playa, and not that smart
wow, whos that dede over there, tap that
by dede1 April 08, 2008
An abbreviation for delightfully delicious. Can be traced to a naming incident in the midwest.
His name was delightfully delicious, or de de for short.
by Smashbash February 16, 2008
Having a nice fap
I just had a nice dede over little lupe
by Mj'schild June 22, 2011
One who plots and schemes, with usually disasterous results. Also a shady character.
That guy supplements his income by trying to eBay anything, he is such a dede.
by Mctat2 December 14, 2009
A man who got shot in the balls with a gun,potato gun,bebe gun,paintball gun,or slingshot.
GODDAMN BRO! You just got dedes!
by Joe Strange December 06, 2003
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