A slang term used in the prostitution trade to describe a transsexual or transvestite hooker (who are often called "Transformers"), especially one who is so convincing as a woman that friends and clients do not believe she was once a man.
"Holy shit! She ain't no Transformer... she a goddam DECEPTICON!"
by HMB April 28, 2005
The decepticons were military hardware built by the quintessons. Being programmed for war they typically fight to secure the land and wipe out the enemy. Sold to the highest bidder alien races bought them and used them as soldiers to win wars. They were also used by the quintessons as soldiers to watch over cybertron and protect the quintesson rulers. Alongside the quintesson guardian robots. The counter part to the decepticons were the peaceful autobots who were built to be workers. The autobots were consumer goods products for the quintessons. When transforners started gaining sentience, and started developing emotions, they started realizing they were slaves. An autobot named A3 who would later be known as Aloha Trion rose up as an autobot resistance leader. The Autobots and Decepticons united and overthrew their quintesson slave masters who had become abusive, petty and indifferent to the emotional needs of their slaves. The autobots established a democratic society. Unfourtunately being built and programmed for war this did not suit the Decepticons. Under the autobot rule they would become workers or just non violent peacekeepers. This contradicted the decepticons programmed instincts and their culture. In time the Decepticobs came to view the autobots as oppressors. If A3 could turn the Autobot slave brand into a symbol of freedom. The Decepticons would turn the decepticon badge into a symbol that represents that they are the rulers and will never be slaves again.
Those decepticons try to wipe us out and oppress us. But yet they think that living peacefully amongst us is a form of slavery or oppression. A decepticon only understands kill and take.
by Carjackercracker June 21, 2014
A misused or misinterpreted emoticon.
Last night was really fun!!! :| <- Decepticon
Grandma is in the hospital! :) <- Decepticon
I loved the perfume you got me for Christmas!:S <-Decepticon
by Snichols77 December 29, 2011
when your having sex with a woman in doggy and she says she doesn't want it up the butt so you put it in her pussy and then quickly put it in her butt. then you say you got "DECEPTICONED"
I told him i didn't want him to go there but he decepticoned me
by mongaloid aka kumar August 06, 2010
An empty can of beer that is mistaken for a full one.
"Hey bro, where's my beer, I just opened it?"

"It's on the table."

"Nope, not this one, it's a decepticon."
by DeltaRooster March 25, 2012
A woman who looks very attractive from behind, but when she turns around she's disappointingly ugly.

A decepticon can also refer to an older women who dresses much younger than she should in order to trick men into checking her out. This method of deception only works at a distance.
Guy #1: "Hey look at that hot chick sitting at the bar."
Guy #2: "Just be careful, she might be a decepticon."
by AceWoody November 02, 2011
At the climax of sexual intercourse pretend that you're going to aim for the mouth when depositing your load, but instead hit em in the eye and say "more than meets the eye." Then proceed to "roll out!" As an option, you can choose to wear a transformer mask w/ voice changer.
My ex-girlfriend is pissed that I gave her a decepticon. Now she has a lazy eye. I had to roll out fast.
by Chuck-B February 10, 2009

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