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The process of being alive (i.e. breathing, eating, ect) but not living to the fullest

The feeling of discontentment with a mundayne life.
She felt as if she were deading when she was the only one at home on a Friday night.

He wasted his life deading, sitting in his room alone complaining about life.
by Defectivedolly July 05, 2005
To pretend to be dead. To lie down in a manner in which someone would be presumed dead. Usually done with a group of friends for comical reasons or just out of plain boredom. In order to successfully Dead you must have a picture taken of the person Deading and the Dead must be named.
Let's all just start Deading in the elevator.
Bro I'm about to pull off a Dead Elevator, you down?
by mustbenew September 16, 2011
Gaunt, depressed, or generally dead-looking. It's an adjective...
Those kids look rather deading today... no wonder, they have an algebra test!
by Cluely March 31, 2009