To pass out or fall asleep on someone.

To be deaded, to be discontinued.
I can't believe my boyfriend deaded on me last night!

This party is so deaded.

This chat room is so deaded!

Everyone has just deaded. (Fallen asleep)
by Natsuka2014 February 16, 2015
a term used to describe an event/object that has no use to you. It’s dead. Or it has a total lack of fun.
Ben: “Yo, that party was DEADED! There was a lack of lack of sluts. DEADED!”
by Mango1231 February 26, 2011
Referring to someone being robbed of something; usually an object.
Friend A: Can I see your pencil?
Friend B: No, I'm using it.
Friend A snatches pencil from Friend B
Friend C: Ha! You just got deaded for your pencil!
by Teddii Bear January 16, 2009
Consumed a large portion of drugs and/or alcohol in a short period of time
Damn he straight up deaded that 40, yo
by Madame Zelda July 20, 2005
Switched off, not functioning.
There was no breeze from the fan, it was deaded, so I turned it on.
by scaree July 16, 2005
1. killed 2. beat up 3. got angry at 4. ruined
1. That cat deaded the mouse.
2. Manderson stole my idea so I deaded him.
3. Fleck's dad deaded him when he got home late.
4. Skippy Dawg deaded my computer.
by parenteau May 25, 2004
To get fucked up, to get caught, to be in trouble
Dude, the cops are coming, we are so deaded.
I am gonna get so deaded when my teacher finds out I copied that paper.

Fighting him is a bad idea man, the last dude that fucked with him got so deaded.
by Mikey A A November 16, 2006
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