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PN. A girl who does nothing the whole time while having sex (ex. moan,move,etc....)
dude: so how'd it go last night with you and that chick ?

dude2: she was a dead fuck.
by Masta Dragon Red June 24, 2004
When proceeding to have sexual intercourse with the opposite sex, your partner appears to die. Foreplay can be very active and passionate, but once the penis is inserted into the women she becomes incapacitated.
"that was the worst sex of my life, that girl was a dead fuck"
"kim is a dead fuck"
"i was unsuccessful at bringing her back to life, sally is a dead fuck"
by Hank the skank April 21, 2006
A girl who wants everything done to her in bed, who barely even moans, and acts like you are doing something ingnorant to her mother instead of her. She hates doing anything different or out of the ordinary and you might as well forget about swallowing, that is a whole other definition entirely.
You don't want no piece of that girl Jimmy, she's a DF a deadfuck.
by Steven M. Sykes February 07, 2004
When having sex with a female, she preceeds to lay there motionless and just stare you in the eyes. No emotion whatsoever. Doesn't appear to be interested in the physical happenings of the moment. Alive, but resembling a dead body by her lack of movement.
Heather White was the gnarliest dead fuck I ever had, she never moved or got into it.
by neverhaveiheather March 04, 2013
To have fuck with some cunt who's already dead, fuck fuck fuckin gross.
Pam deadfucked David Dixon after david choked on mayo pizza and died.
by kyle smith July 24, 2004
Kim Kozy is a dead fuck
Everyone says Kim is a dead Fuck
by missa February 24, 2005

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