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The act of punching someone who has had too much to drink but will not admit it in order to force vomiting and save his life.
Dude! The big guy just DeMarco'd Mao Xao Ming in the bathroom, he's puking all over the place!

Yo bro, if you don't get straight I'm going to have to DeMarco you.
#puke #drunk #punch #vomit #frat
by frat rat October 19, 2007
That funny guy that lifts your spirits, oddly handsome, and has a lot of friends. You find him comedic and clowning, but he is actually friendly and cool.
Demarco is so cool.
Demarco is good looking in an odd way.
#demarco #marco #awesome #handsome #cool
by okayyydbb February 06, 2015
The act of putting a cigarette between the gap of your two front teeth
yo give me a cig I'll DeMarco it
#mac demarco #salad days #cigarette #blue jazz #wu-tang #music
by demarco December 28, 2014
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