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1) The mysterious, hot sexy guy thats nice and is never mad at anyone.

2) The classy kid. DeLons tend to be quiet, deep in thought, and kind people. They love to make people laugh.

3) The guy that is amazing in bed, but still follows the "Never Kiss and Tell" rule
1) He's so smooth, just like a DeLon...

2) He was so good in bed, he felt like a DeLon...

3) OMG your as funny as a DeLon...
by Jazzmonkeys October 21, 2011
1. (noun) Person. Someone who is always smiling and watches cool youtube videos. Probably has alot of friends. Delons live off butter-chicken. They have awesome hair which look even awesomer when they wear hair-bands. They make you laugh and are pros at hugging. Are really good at playing the guitar.

2. (adjective) A Portugese word meaning huggable and making someone feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

3. A mispronounciation of the word 'lemon' due to a speech impediment.
"Hi I'm a super-cute, guitar-player, huggable, food-savvy male, but you can call me Delon for short"
by rastaduck March 21, 2009
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