An awesome Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead mod where you must survive in a zombie apocalypse.
Fag: Hey lets go outside

Cool Nigga: Fuck you i'm playing DayZ
by gamerguy7777 June 01, 2012
Top Definition
Arguably the best zombie game in existence. Found as a mod for ARMA 2
DayZ is fun as shit
by SomeWhiteKid... July 06, 2012
Day Z is a first/third person zombie survival mod for the PC game "ArmA 2". It is also being released in standalone form as well.

It is an MMO game, with rival players, NPCs, maps, and servers.
It is somewhat unique in the fact that players only get one life; dying respawns the player at a random location with no weapons or equipment.

This makes in-game death very undesirable and highly consequential with a loss of all progress. The game features a unique system for health (blood points) which can be restored by eating certain foods or receiving blood transfusions. Weapons and ammo are limited, as are vehicle spawns. Players must scavenge for equipment (i.e. navigation, medical, and storage items), that will help them survive as they search food and water. Players can gain "humanity" by doing good deeds (example: giving blood transfusions), and lose "humanity" by doing "evil" deeds (killing unarmed players). Players with a lack of "humanity" points take on the appearance of bandits, where as players with a good deal of "humanity" points take on the appearance of a "hero". The website for the Day Z mod claims the average life expectancy is one hour, nine minutes.
"Hey man, gonna place some Day Z tonight?"
"I dono dude...that game is hard! I got jumped by a bandit and a zombie and lost my gear!"
"It's all good! I've got extra gear to share!"

"Dude have you seen Frankie's latest video? He headshots a bandit at 900 meters!"
"Holy crap! In Day Z?"
"You know it!"
by rogue.guineapig February 24, 2014
A name used instead of Daisy.
Day-Z Gale is ace.
by Daisy2552 January 18, 2009
Dayz has been a handle used online since 1997. It originated from a AOL screename which "Ina" or "Dayz" could have been chosen. Dayz was chosen and has been known in online hacking communities ever since.
"Dayz has left the room."
by itsdayz October 20, 2012
a medium tall gurl with short black hair! member of B.C.B.
Shes awesome and wishes all the people in the world had no pimples. Loves to be silly. Has mood swings =/ but other than that she's fun to be around.
P:WOW is dat Day-z?
M:yea dude! go talk to her.
P:She looks mad
M:now she looks hapy.
by CRAZY-D May 04, 2009
dayz can be used after sayin fucken anything at all. it juz makes normal shit that wouldnt normally be funny... um... it makes them funny.
Tommo: oi ben dayz?
Ben: yeh tommo wot u doin tonite dayz?
by benjohnson April 30, 2005
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