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The condition of extreme intoxication, usually unintentional, during normal business hours. Day-drunk usually manifests as a dawning realization, and can result from attending a weekday sporting event or a lunch where a "couple of drinks" got out of hand.
When I finally hit the freeway from the stadium parking lot I realized I was day-drunk and had to cover one eye to stay in my lane. Dude, I was sweating, and not just from the sun.

Dammit, that's the last time I take vodka in a water bottle to a BYOB party . I accidently made a glass of Alka-Selzer with it the next morning and ended up day-drunk right out of the gate! I had to call in sick.
#day-drunk #day drunk #drunk #day #daydrunk
by sushibar April 22, 2007
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To experience the effects of consuming large amounts of alcohol when none has actually been consumed.

Generally brought on by lack of sleep
Jim: Hey Jerry what's up with you? you're stumbling around, slurring your words, have your been drinking?

Jerry: Nah man, just a little day drunk
#day #drunk #drinking #sleep #slow #slurring #words #stumbling #tiered
by Carter H April 21, 2008
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