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1 definition by LP79

Verb, transitive.

Other uses: to dawk, dawking, dawken

1. To cause a complete destruction of a good thing by doing something completely absurd.
2. To wreck a fantasy sports team through utter stupidity or foolhardly boasts.
3. To commit any egregious error which causes you to be the butt of all jokes, inspired by our friend Corey.

1. "I completely dawked my relationship with Amanda. She was smart, funny, loved sports, but I guess she wasn't into fucking me in the ass."

2. "I'll trade Adam Dunn and Johnny Damon for Pedro. How can I lose; and you guys are all screwed, Carlos Lee doesn't tank in the second half."
"Dude, he just dawked his team."
by LP79 September 27, 2005