David, sometimes pernounced Jub-Jub, is French for veiny hard bee penis. A person who has personality, in his own way, and is addicted to shitty videogames and anime. His appearence is discribed as a feral cave man, who can't help but to smack things with his dick. Fucks honey bees in his spare time. A David is wildly attracted to young male leprechauns, and vice versa targeted most by Irish sexual predaters for the looseness of his ass and the relaxed nature when under stress. David's can usualy survive for weeks only buy the nutrition provided by the up to 30 gallons of semen stored in their single hump. Is prone to PMS or acting women like, although he is probaly male. David's are now nearly extinct due to overhunting for their pelts, semen sacks, and estrogen. If you see a David, it would be best to perform a mercy killing with sand paper and a straw hat.
If you see the David, kill the David.
When threteded, they bare their tusks and charge unstopingly.
by MrPank May 29, 2011
Blonde hair, blue eyes, and is very strong. He can be kicked in the balls and not feel a thing and just laugh. He has perfect muscles without even trying to workout. He is silly, funny, nice, and very caring. He is basically a martyr for his friends, he would sacrifice his own life for those whom he loves the most. He is very trustworthy and understanding. He is pretty good with his hands too, he beat Through the Fire and Flames on EXPERT on Guitar Hero 3. He has a VERY deep voice, and it's quite amusing when he is singing to Lady GaGa. This guy is my best friend, and more.
He's singing Ring of Fire...what a David.
by somegirl136 November 29, 2009
A french fuck
fuck david.
by srepan May 07, 2012
Hottest dude in the known universe

likes taking it from behind
wow, you look like a David
by SHW February 02, 2012
a true bad ass how care for only his closest friends and family usually good looking and smart o and a total ASSHOLE
dude did you hear what David told his boss about not letting him go home cuss his mom was sick
by the asshole name david January 31, 2012
A complete fagot with absolutely no friends what so ever and has no redeeming qualities and is not to be treated with respect or diginity he also has a snagged tooth and has been no to cry in his room with action figure collection while playing video games nonstop for 3 day straight and is a minority(serbian) and comes from a non real country
da Vid you Being a Da Vid go home no one wants you here
by Da vid hatter February 12, 2010
A small boy that is quite poor and has a very annoying voice.He's car is packed full of rotten crisp packets.
David : bye

Adele:Woah why did he just slam the door.

Dominic: because in his car he has to slam it to keep in the crisp packets.
by MCR <3 January 22, 2012

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