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A person of a severe brain impediment and an uncanny knack for failure at whatever they attempt. People of this nature are naturally ginger and consume haggis for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Person: "I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm David Moyes."

Person: "How on earth can you go 17 matches without a win?! He's having a David Moyes!"

Person: "My wife and kids have left me. I've lost my job. Everyone hates me. Well, at least I'm not David Moyes"

Person: "Why are United doing so shite this year?! Ahhh David Moyes"
by yasleo December 07, 2013
To fuck up something important.
To be tactically inept at a game that requires skill.
To be clueless in important situations.
To use bad luck as an excuse for failure.
I can't believe I did a David Moyes today.

You're such a David Moyes at Chess.
by Juan it doesn't Mata February 03, 2014
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