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To lose out on a passionate night of strange to a magician/illusionist. Or just losing out in life to said magician/illusionist. Abbreviated version of Blaine'd works as well.
Getting David Blaine'd makes for one of the best true stories ever. Steven David passed out on the couch in NYC. His new friend wasn't having it so she dialed up a vanishing act, next thing you know she was whisked away by a popular magician! Before any bystanders could even blink, it was realized that Steven David got David Blaine'd! also; Steve Dave got Blaine'd! SDBD
by Apt. 904 October 03, 2008
8 6
Getting very very drunk to the point that you almost die but just about don't.
Man, I'm gonna get David Blained tonight!!
by cat23010 October 18, 2009
2 2