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A very tall guy with long hair who just got braces, he is very fawking funny as hell!! He also just happens to have laser vision and invented the square tree!!! He can kick your ass at Ragdoll Avalanche 2 and can stomp you with his pancakes of doom. Davian is, truly, the perfect doomsday device.
Guy: Dude, Davian got me in the ass with his Laser Vision!!

Guy 2: He crushed me with his pancakes of doom!

Guy: Oh, no he's coming this way!

Guy 2: OH SHIT IT'S OVER!!!!



Davian: Hey guys sup?

*big explosion*

News report the next day: And only Davian survived.
by TYMAN8 April 18, 2011
An awesome guy, that has long black hair. He is good at sports. Better at being a TE for football. He gets a lot of girls. He is nice. The girls really like him. He gets all the booty hoes.
Dude, that guy has so many girls.

I bet his name is Davian
by Joshsuxdick May 22, 2016
A Fuckboy No One Likes Not Even Flat Ass Girls, He Gets No Pussy And Is Often Trying To Pretend To Be An Athlete But He Knows Very Well He Sucks Dick At Madden So He Should STFU.
That fucking loser is such a Davian.
by YourBoy Rocky March 15, 2016
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